Supernatural Oneshots

Supernatural Oneshots

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Izzy Winchester By sociopathicbrunette Updated Jun 17

You know, just read it. Even if you regret it.

Well most of these stories are. 

A'right, LOTS of smut- Some Fluff and lots of imagines. 

(Hey, you-- if you want a particular story of SPN's hotties, dont be afraid to request story ideas.)


I own nothing (except Dean, Jk, not.) Blah blah blah, All rights to CW's Supernatural and The creator Eric Kripke/Directors/producers Plus the rest of there Gifted crew.

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megan3hunna megan3hunna Aug 09
what if sam walked out and saw the impala shaking and moving and could hear moans and then just walked away never to be seen for about an hour XD
Baby daddy right there. Omg imagine having a kid with demon dean. That kid would literally be bezerk
LadaTheLeo LadaTheLeo Aug 01
Does this mean, when my ovaries explode, I can't sue you?
                              eh I never liked kids anyays
And then Sam walks out and is like " YES I WON! BOBBY HAND OVER THAT 20 YEA OLD BITCH"
no offense and im not trying to be mean buuutttt although this is a great story the grammar and spelling triggers me
I keep imagining Zoe from AHS killing the target of whatever smut I'm reading... Idk why!