Supernatural Oneshots

Supernatural Oneshots

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Izzy Winchester By sociopathicbrunette Updated a day ago

You know, just read it. Even if you regret it.

Well most of these stories are. 

A'right, LOTS of smut- Some Fluff and lots of imagines. 

(Hey, you-- if you want a particular story of SPN's hotties, dont be afraid to request story ideas.)


I own nothing (except Dean, Jk, not.) Blah blah blah, All rights to CW's Supernatural and The creator Eric Kripke/Directors/producers Plus the rest of there Gifted crew.

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queenlilly368 queenlilly368 Nov 15, 2017
Omg! He does this with jack and it’s so annoying. I mean i love dead but jack is just so cute
LadaTheLeo LadaTheLeo Aug 01, 2017
Does this mean, when my ovaries explode, I can't sue you?
                              eh I never liked kids anyays
SilverShaw SilverShaw Dec 14, 2017
I seem to be the only one actually able to kiss him with my tall 5"11-6"0 ass 😍😍❤
SilverShaw SilverShaw Dec 14, 2017
Hi, I would like everyone to know that it's fuçking 3:30 am and I'm rereading these while  my boyfriend is asleep otp with me and I'm trying to hard not to laugh and make weird noises and it's very hard bc I just want to S C R A M.
Shakespearean_Lyrics Shakespearean_Lyrics Aug 04, 2017
no offense and im not trying to be mean buuutttt although this is a great story the grammar and spelling triggers me
GuiltyKarmaKid489 GuiltyKarmaKid489 Aug 02, 2017
I keep imagining Zoe from AHS killing the target of whatever smut I'm reading... Idk why!