His Obsession [ON HOLD]

His Obsession [ON HOLD]

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Lovely_girl_fun By Lovely_girl_fun Updated Apr 30

A ferocious force of Nature, who Owned the very Essence. His daunting presence sucking the very life of out of his surroundings.
The intimidating, domineering, dangerous man had a Ice cold heart & a black soul. He was just as formidable as he was ruthless. His powerful, merciless chiseled face with an animalistic aura was hard to resist. His body exuded predatory power, terrorising & overshadowing all.

He was advancing towards me with an easy grace of a panther.His raging pools of fire pinned at me intently, his gait of a predator ready to devour his prey.His sculptured, muscular body shaking with the force of his terrifying emotions.His emerald halos raging with madness of longing, want, tenderness, need & so much love peered from his Adonis face. Imprisoning me by my waist, he buried his messy crown in my neck taking huge gulps, he growled

Maharukh..I will Never let you go..Never...You are Mine....I love you so much baby...I want you...I want you more then my next breath..Darling I want to claim you, possess you, make you Mine..All Mine!
I want to be Your shadow so that no one can take you away fron me...You are all Mine...All of you, your Heart, Soul and Everything belongs to me...All Mine..Only Mine!


AAREJ KHAN, "The Beast" He is Ruthless, Fearless,Hot-headed, Cold, Merciless Monster!
He is Darkness Incarnate who Cares about nothing, Fears nothing, Kills without Remorse.
SHE is His everything, His Love, His Girl, His Light, His Angel, 
His Obsession!

MAHARUKH HUSSAIN, A sweet, kind-hearted girl with lively, bubbly charismatic personality spreading laughter & happiness everywhere. She is stalked by HIM!
He is Watching her, following her, is Obsessed with her & She have become His Obsession!!

Follow their journey Will She be able to Escape His Obsession or Will His Obsesion becomes Too Deadly for her???
Will She be able to Live or Love in this Dangerous Game of Obsession???

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Your-Anonymous-One Your-Anonymous-One Jul 01, 2016
Finally something desi which 'lacks' the obnoxious grammatical mistakes!