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The Fighter who beat up the Gangleader

The Fighter who beat up the Gangleader

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Blue By Blue_eyes1991 Completed

Who the fuck are you Growls the one in the middle ok im now assuming their all guys and are around my age.
  Well you pull your hoods down ill pull mine down; i spat.
  They all chuckle, I turn to the girl she has long locks and blue eyes Sweetie it's gonna be ok ; she nods and holds onto my leg.
  "Don't turn away from us"The middle one growls.
  "what are you gonna do?" i say waving my hands up in a 'im so scared' gesture.
  The one on the left points a gun at me probably expecting me to flinch but i just yawn. "Oi i will shot you bitch" he says getting ready to shot me.
  "Now what would your mummy think oh such a disappointment shooting a helpless girl not even going to go hand to hand" i say shaking my head to show my disappointment. 
  "Ill show you hand to hand you slut" he says putting his gun down.
  Sara Edwards is a quiet girl who nows how to fight and isn't afraid to defend herself or someone thats in danger.
  Damon Ruth is the popular bad boy he is also a gang leader but no one really knows that apart from his gang and other gangs.
  So what happens when a girl is in the wrong place at the wrong time and Sara has to fight to save her from Damon?

akates100 akates100 May 17
🎶🎤everybody was kung fu fighting that chick was fast as lightning🎶🎤😂😂
That's what we all say when we "accidentally" hurt our siblings whoops 😬
Um I thought she was protecting her DAD?? Mistakes XD
Red hair. Why is that so intimidating? I get scared bruh😂😂😂😂
The fact that that's a past tense been makes it funny to read!!
Psycho_Gurl4 Psycho_Gurl4 Dec 10, 2016
It's great so far! I love how you put lots of action into the first chapter!! 😀