The Fighter who beat up the Gangleader

The Fighter who beat up the Gangleader

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The girl with long golden hair that most girls would envy, blue eyes that remind you of the never ending ocean and a heart so strong and warm but gets mistaken for a cold clump of ice.

This is Sara Edwards and this is her story.
Are you willing to read it?

Sara's on a quest to find someone who can hold her heart but defend it when needed.

What happens when Gangs and villains, children and blood, love and lust, hate and lies are involved? 

Will she find the man she's looking for? Or will reality come crashing down on her?

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  • highschool
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akates100 akates100 May 17, 2017
🎶🎤everybody was kung fu fighting that chick was fast as lightning🎶🎤😂😂
MoiCreativelyInsane MoiCreativelyInsane Oct 15, 2017
I've got that feeling inside my bones  🎵🎶 that her 'bestie' will be a lying bitch, but you never know
TheQueenSarcasm435 TheQueenSarcasm435 Jun 03, 2017
Its just debt its kinda ur fault for giving them watever it is u gave them if u knew they wouldnt be able to give money
laibanaeem08 laibanaeem08 May 01, 2017
That's what we all say when we "accidentally" hurt our siblings whoops 😬
chloey_brown1738 chloey_brown1738 Apr 26, 2017
Um I thought she was protecting her DAD?? Mistakes XD
omgmizzmaya4life omgmizzmaya4life Mar 08, 2017
The fact that that's a past tense been makes it funny to read!!