one shots {rilaya/rowbrina}

one shots {rilaya/rowbrina}

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The same blonde walks through the door every week on Wednesday at the exact same time, 2:00. 

She usually has a friend or two with her, but not this time. I couldn't help but notice her blue eyes meet my brown ones; a smile tugs at her lips. 

As she walks to the counter, a smile still on her beautiful face, I smile in return. She always orders the same thing, a double chocolate chip frappuccino along with a cookie. 

Knowing her usual order, I reach for the medium cup size. She lets out a small giggle and shakes her head. My smile only grows.

"I think I want to try something different this time."

Her voice is soft, comforting even. My eyebrows raise in a form of shock as i reach her gaze again.

"And what would that be, miss..?" 
I patiently wait for her name.

"Carpenter. Sabrina Carpenter."

I nod, my smile still present. She runs her fingers through her curly hair and her smile widens. 

"A vanilla latte, please."
Reaching for the cup, I grab the black marker t...

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