The Mirror

The Mirror

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A. L. Winter By AmythestWinter Updated 16 hours ago


I pull at his hand, trying to restrain it from hitting the glass. He can't break it! "Please, don't!" I cry out, only to be thrown across the room, my body colliding with the wall. 

My only way home, my only chance to see the world I love and know. 

And just like that, his fist collides with the mirror, the glass shattering to the ground as I scream. 

Tears begin to fall as I scream at him, watching as he approaches me like a predator, his hands bloody, his eyes turning black. 

I'm trapped here, forever. 

And he couldn't be more happy. 

A new type of werewolf novel

  • human
  • king
  • magic
  • mature
  • mystery
Dino what?
                              But the only Dino I know is from Seventeen 😅😅😅
gone from the mortal wolrd yes, but gone into the after life no, I think he had entered the supernatural world, a world full of mystery and adventure and love and heartbreak, and mates do not forget mates.
jessiejam3s jessiejam3s Jan 30
:( Wait why did he want to go and why didn’t he want to return
tsubakimomoka tsubakimomoka Nov 22, 2017
if this was a horror story , the Cannibal would call out for her like "Oh, Candy, Sweet Precious Little Candy, Let me have a bite?"