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The Mirror

The Mirror

78.8K Reads 5.5K Votes 8 Part Story
A. L. Winter By AmythestWinter Updated Dec 28, 2016


I pull at his hand, trying to restrain it from hitting the glass. He can't break it! "Please, don't!" I cry out, only to be thrown across the room, my body colliding with the wall. 

My only way home, my only chance to see the world I love and know. 

And just like that, his fist collides with the mirror, the glass shattering to the ground as I scream. 

Tears begin to fall as I scream at him, watching as he approaches me like a predator, his hands bloody, his eyes turning black. 

I'm trapped here, forever. 

And he couldn't be more happy. 

A new type of werewolf novel

softforte softforte Aug 09, 2016
This is really good and extremely well written, can't wait to read more
krystiie krystiie Jul 11, 2016
Please update soon. I think it is a great start to this story. I 
                              would like to know what happens next.
I read a lot of your books and I already note that you seem to really like the color navy
This is the best story I've ever read ,seriously it is so developed and creative it's like a real published book I need an update I'm dying for another chapter😢😢
SeetaTalal SeetaTalal Aug 31, 2016
This is great. BEAUTIFUL. Im completing because its different from other books.
misssmileyShine misssmileyShine Dec 01, 2016
I liked the preview, seems like a good concept, waiting for more chapters before reading it, i'am too impatient of a person to start it now. But it's safely tucked in my library :)