Safe House • Marichat

Safe House • Marichat

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Marinette made a mistake.

And the only one that could protect her from that mistake is Chat Noir.

Now, Chat Noir has become her safe house.

I do not own any of the characters, besides The members of Proietille Velenoso, or otherwise stated. These characters belong to Thomas Austruc and the show Miraculous Ladybug

Cover is by @astra1909

aadrienette aadrienette Sep 12
I'm going to read this book again from the start bc I love this book
Marinette: Stranger Danger!!
                              Man: Well I don't know who the danger is!
                              Marinette: B*tch is u blind!!!
I'm surprised it didn't happen sooner. Like she's just walking at school and someone taps on her back and LB reflexes kick in and boom Alya has a broken neck
Nigga she quite literally showed that she was ready to straight up cut a bitch she doesn't need your protection
Mama mama mama. I just shot a man shot a man down. In central station.
Grace5122 Grace5122 4 days ago
                              The mayor? 
                              CHLOES DAD
                              OH SHÍT