Diabolik Lovers - Yaoi Lemons | One Shots!

Diabolik Lovers - Yaoi Lemons | One Shots!

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[ Ama Ozunami ] By Amaritzu Updated Dec 30, 2017


... Don't even question what this is about. It's on the title! Ahem, anyway. Don't hesitate to request what character I should pair [M/N] up with! Besides, I really should, but I don't. 

Okay, so obviously,  I am a Yaoi shipper. "Boy x Boy" But, I am also able to do "Character x Character" which ever one y'want! I am Author-Sama for haven's sake! I will make your lewd dreams come true! Although without further ado, let's dive right into these Diabolik Yaoi lemons! Enjoy!


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InaWinah InaWinah May 01, 2017
Even I'm a girl,I still read this!
                              Cause I grow up,I'm going to lesbian instead!
MarshmallowSubaru MarshmallowSubaru Apr 29, 2017
When it said broke the doorframe I thought of Kim Namjoon. Also known as daddy Joonie, or God of Destruction
IdiotGuy345 IdiotGuy345 Jul 04, 2017
Is laito dying? Because there is Scream of death, Farewell laito sakamaki?
FlawlessRuby FlawlessRuby Jul 10, 2017
Yes I realized you were gay once your said she was "after your booty".... a straight guy would have said "she is after my dìck"
kazoooie kazoooie Nov 03, 2016
Laito must have baaadddd moans if they thought he was dying.
JoonieSugaKookies JoonieSugaKookies Dec 23, 2016
Is it just me, or am I the only one who thought about Breaking Bad when reading this sentance? 😂