Diabolik Lovers - Yaoi Lemons | One Shots!

Diabolik Lovers - Yaoi Lemons | One Shots!

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[ Ama Ozunami ] By Amaritzu Updated Dec 11, 2016

... -Do not, even question what this is about. It's on the damn title! Ahem, anyway. Do not hesitate to request what character I should pair [M/N] up with! Besides, the sole person, whom really should, is mwah! But, I really don't! 

Okay, obviously,  I am a Yaoi shipper. "Boy x Boy" But, I am also able to do "Character x Character" which ever one y'want! I am Author-Sama for haven's sake! I will make your lewd dreams come damn true! Although, without further ado, let's dive right into these Diabolik Yaoi lemons! Enjoy!


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InaWinah InaWinah May 01
Even I'm a girl,I still read this!
                              Cause I grow up,I'm going to lesbian instead!
When it said broke the doorframe I thought of Kim Namjoon. Also known as daddy Joonie, or God of Destruction
IdiotGuy345 IdiotGuy345 Jul 04
Is laito dying? Because there is Scream of death, Farewell laito sakamaki?
Yes I realized you were gay once your said she was "after your booty".... a straight guy would have said "she is after my dìck"
A_Wus_Heare A_Wus_Heare Nov 03, 2016
Laito must have baaadddd moans if they thought he was dying.
JoonieSugaKookies JoonieSugaKookies Dec 23, 2016
Is it just me, or am I the only one who thought about Breaking Bad when reading this sentance? 😂