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The Crap I've Read On Wattpad

The Crap I've Read On Wattpad

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The Bomb By TheBombDotCom98 Updated Aug 24, 2016

A brief description of my reading experiences with cliche books, here on wattpad.
(It's just for fun)

kiatya kiatya Nov 24, 2016
Most romantic story ever😍😢 No wonder they are loved by our modern day 15 year old feminists and reach #1Romance. It so heart touching.😱
Lol i read something exactly like this except she rejects him in the end. (She was human, he told her they were mates and she was hurt and then bam Rejection)
Erinues Erinues May 01, 2016
You HAVE to keep writing stuff like that x) 
                              If you don't..... Well I don't know what I will do but I will do something alright
WhiteCoconut23 WhiteCoconut23 May 02, 2016
I just died. This just hit me right in the face.......the guilt's washing over me how could you?!?! XD
Erinues Erinues May 01, 2016
I'm dying here x) 
                              This is A-MA-ZING and sooo true. 
                              I shouldn't be laughing that hard but I am ^^
MisStruck MisStruck Jun 14, 2016
Exactly why I don't read the usual werewolf stuff anymore.  I hate sobbing whining desperate main girls