'Fly' (Various! Haikyuu X Reader)

'Fly' (Various! Haikyuu X Reader)

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Maya Mackey By CarterSolace Completed

Various! Haikyuu X Short! Reader

Everyone has problems. They have issues and worries and faults. They have ups and downs and bad days and good days. But those things, they're supposed to get better, right? You know the saying, there's always light at the end of a tunnel? Or maybe, there's always a rainbow after a storm? Some optimistic quote that makes people inspired.

Well, if those small phrases even slightly connected to [l/n] [f/n] then the tunnel she was going though was a pretty long tunnel.

She didn't have a home, technically, seeing as her mother left her and her dad... Well, he was never there. Ever. So, she was an orphan. A foster kid. And she had learned that, since no-one wanted her, she would just keep to herself, hiding her pain.

I do not own Haikyuu!! or the characters, places or storylines associated with it. I only own my storyline and the original character's in this work of fiction.

letterAC letterAC Dec 30, 2016
I love all these original nicknames!!! They makes me Lol soo hard!
letterAC letterAC Dec 30, 2016
No…usually it hits the main characters face- RIGHT IN THE FÛCKING FACE, you would think it would hit a fing wall, but no. XP
cosmic101mayhem cosmic101mayhem Dec 01, 2016
*hits him with frying pan* 
                              -Hungary personality comes out-
                              GET OUT OF THE DAMN WAY
Ren0072 Ren0072 Dec 10, 2016
No joke nishinoya  is the only person shorter than me, and I am literally only .9 cm taller
Ren0072 Ren0072 Dec 10, 2016
My schools mascot is the eagles so *LE GASP* TANAKA IS MY MASCOT
Luna60_ Luna60_ Oct 23, 2016
Oh and break the 4th wall while you're at it. *Sigh* Well this is why I have Trump's number on speed dial.