Things horse freaks understand

Things horse freaks understand

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That_Horse_Freak By That_Horse_Freak Updated Jan 01

You don't have to be a pro rider to understand horses and things they do. 
So in this book I'll list things that pop into my head about all things both horses and humans do that other humans would just  laugh at us or just call us plan old stupid.
         From small things like staying in the saddle to literally playing hide and seek with your horse,(I don't know why I said hide and seek but yeah it popped into my horse crazy head).
          Without horses horse freaks life's would probably be very sad and boring,cause we live like horses,all we talk about is horses,everything is horses to us (most of the time). So we would probably not exist without horses.So next time you see a horse give him or her a hug and say "you keep me sane thank you,your the reason I smile every morning when I wake up,I love you!" I promise I'll will do this. 

      So without further ado here is :  my horse crazy book.


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Equinella Equinella Apr 05, 2017
Keep writing (wrinting 😉) and I wish you all happiness and lots of horse adventures in your future.
Equinella Equinella Apr 05, 2017
Stallions are not used for public trail riding, and certainly never for amateurs or beginners. Those males would be geldings.
mypa1nt3dryde mypa1nt3dryde Oct 23, 2016
Omg! I HATE HATE HATE. HATE! When people say horse back is easy like? Do u even ride? Ok once? What walking? On a lead? At a carnival on a push button pony ride pony? Lol yep
CaramelJackDaughter CaramelJackDaughter Aug 16, 2016
Lol This sounds so much like my horse she's all like
                              Horse: FAST FAST GO
                              Me: SLOW SLOW NO NO
                              Horse:......................IT IS A RACE. I HOPE I WIN.
                              Me: ITS NOT A RACE
                              Horse: YES IT IS I HOPE I WIN
Coco_Ellen Coco_Ellen Feb 20, 2017
How can someone not like horses? And you're so lucky to be able to be around horses. Some people live the dream and some don't I guess :'(
That_Horse_Freak That_Horse_Freak May 02, 2016
Oh wow she sounds bad and I would not let her get away with hitting the horses