tie my shoes? ❀ cake [ ON HOLD ]

tie my shoes? ❀ cake [ ON HOLD ]

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???? By leafyjooheon Updated Oct 09

" excuse me mister ! " a small blonde boy cried, while stumbling over his own feet. 

" yes? What do you need ? " the tall brunette asked, looking down at the boy that was literally 2 feet smaller then him. 

" can you tie my shoes for me ? " he asked, looking up at him with his beautifully clear eyes. 

" how old are you ? " the taller one asked, giving him a sceptical look. 

" 3 ... " the short blonde said, looking down at his untied whit converse laces. Only earning a confused look, as the blonde looked as if he were 17. And he is 17. 

" you look older and you can't tie your shoes ? " the older one of the two said, his hands coming to rest on his hips. 

" my daddy never taught me ! " the blonde huffed angrily, copying the brunettes actions. 

" learn to tie them yourself alright ? " the brunette said, and turned and walked away. While the small blonde boy sat down on the side of the road and cried as he angrily kicked his untied feet. 




Where Luke has the headspace of a 3 year old  after the day of his accident 10 years ago, and no one can figure out how to get him out of it. 



copyright: @leafyjooheon
Published: April 30th, 2016

the story's cute, but don't you think that if he was 3 years old mentally, he wouldn't be able to walk alone in the streets? is it juste me..?