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Jenn Winchester By Jenn_S_ Updated Jun 15

Dreams can be fearful.
They awaken monsters and trap your innocent soul.
But worst of all they confuse your mind, they make memories you never even knew existed come to life.
What if everything was real?
What if the nightmares became a part of our everyday lives?
What if they haunted us even in the morning?
Are nightmares that bad?
What if I told you they were actually useful at something?
What if dreaming was an another way of... remembering?
Maybe they brought memories back...and who knows what else.


After a car accident in a cold winter night, Alexis lost her parents along with her memory and is now forced to live with her wealthy but boringly workaholic aunt.

When she finds out about her ─useless to her─ powers she's starting to realize something's going wrong with her. She doesn't exactly know until she meets two guys, that help her in different ways. But who does really want to help her, and who wants something else from her?

  • adventure
  • amnesia
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  • fantasy
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  • hayleywilliams
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NyloXyloto NyloXyloto May 03, 2016
The first chapter was indeed very catchy. 
                              There were a few blank spaces? i didn't understand that. o.o
TheSpiritWriter TheSpiritWriter May 19, 2016
You are a mad genius Jenny! Well done little creepy dramatic girl!