From nerd to badass

From nerd to badass

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xxDark_windxx By xxDark_windxx Updated Jan 09

"I'm in front of my house
The lights are on
I'm screwed 

I get the courage to walk in and...


Let's rewind here...
Maddie- the girl who's mum died when she was 10, she has a 4 year old baby sister who is all innocent. She doesn't know about all of the abuse. Maddies 17 years old. So when she turns eighteen she gets the right to adopt sister. Then leave. She has a fighter style kind of personality, stubborn, smart, brave, strong, and lovable. 

Lucy is adopted btw

James- a bad boy,who's had the mid perfect life. Parents were divorced and he's been treated like crap as a kid. And his 5 year old sister has been treated like an angel. 

Ally- maddies best friend and knows about the abuse. She does anything she can- without being found out by her father- to help maddie. She's a girlie girl. Red hair and colored eyes. The opposite of maddie

What happens when they run into each other in the mall? What will happen? Will James find out about the abuse?

Used to be 'nerd to badass'

sassyfriends122 sassyfriends122 Dec 27, 2016
Omg the mall sometimes is cool because sometimes  u see famouse people last time i when to ontario mall and i saw well i forgot his name well the one who says deez nuts not lying o swear to god i smiled  so bad
cj1012612 cj1012612 Nov 28, 2016
The father looks too young for being a father and he's good looking but that's ok 😁😬😛😜
sassyfriends122 sassyfriends122 Dec 27, 2016
Maddie should be ally and ally should be maddie becasue maddie looks girly and ally look badass
Ayaloveislife Ayaloveislife Nov 04, 2016
I really like the book so far ... Your  good Author I can tell ...
Sophie640 Sophie640 Sep 04, 2016
You have a bit of a short story, and WHAT'S UP WITH THE CHILD ABUSE?!?!
alexia1247 alexia1247 Sep 07, 2016
Hey I think u got a pretty good start, maybe a little more detail but I like it so far