Star Wars: Master and Apprentice

Star Wars: Master and Apprentice

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Captain Kiri Storm By Storm-Shadows7 Completed

A Darth Maul Alternate Universe Novel

WARNING *Slow updates!!!*

Skyler Yeager is a street rat on a space station.
Darth Maul is an exiled Sith Lord who's in it up to his horns with the Shadow Knights.

When Darth Maul took an apprentice, he never intended to get attached. Skyler was supposed to help him out if need be. Help clean up after a hard battle. But never cause him to fall in love. The first time that happened, Maul lose those he cared about.
He's been burned enough, thank you very much.
But now Maul has a bigger problem. He's after the Sith Amulet of Kaan. The crazy Shadow Knight Hyde wants it, too. Why a madman wants an Amulet is beyond Maul, but the race is on! The first one to decode all seven crystals is the one who wins the prize.
With the Shadow Master pressing on Hyde's tail, the man has an even greater cause to get any source of power he can find.
And if Hyde can't have an amulet, he'll take Sith's blood instead

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ARC_Trooper_Fives ARC_Trooper_Fives May 01, 2016
                              THANK YOU STORM IT IS BRILLIANT!!! LOOK BEHIND THE COUCH AYE? XDDDD Maul, you're in for a very rough ride.
shanSWfan shanSWfan May 01, 2016
                              Please update soon, I can't wait to see where the mighty vessel SkyMaul sails next!!
- - Jul 16, 2016
Lots of great action here. Mind splitting, pulse pounding, heart racing, Grand slamming, action. Okay, maybe grand slamming was a bit much.
VicBvb VicBvb Dec 01, 2016
Ahhh he a sith come on the eyes pretty much say "I'm a sith and i will kill u if i had the chance "
shanSWfan shanSWfan May 03, 2016
OF COURSE it doesn't feel right, if you're gonna bloody well fall in love with her!
shanSWfan shanSWfan May 03, 2016
                              IS HE OKAY
                              HE'S GOTTA BE OKAY
                              On a side note, I wonder what would happen if he had a vision and saw his dad... Gods, fur would FLY