Vincent | completed - editing

Vincent | completed - editing

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For what it's worth (which isn't much), Vincent Nox thinks he's doing relatively well. Between being a full time assassin -and the alleged best of the modern age at that, a love interest of a generally sane crime lord whose hell-bent on becoming a dictator, and a not-so-recovering victim of anxiety, he's doing a lot better than he could be. 

That is, until the sudden intervention of an unusually ballistic mercenary and a kidnapping throw all he knows into a bout of secrets and lies. Before Vincent can understand the course of actions, he is helping corrupt the last hope of a province marred in political upheaval. A bright eyed, blonde haired, last hope that no one quite knows what to do with.  

Domination just might actually be at stake. 

♥︎ copyright © 2016 by hestia rosa sanchez
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ketterdam ketterdam May 03, 2016
For this being your first book on wattpad this has started off AMAZING <3333 I love all of their names omg this sounds like it's going to be jaw dropping!!! I can't wait to read the first chapter and the cover is gorgeous BTW <333
VipersDeath VipersDeath Jul 26, 2016
It's always darkest before the dawn - Shake it Off, Florence and the Machine
ghostlines ghostlines May 31, 2016
what is this? why is it so incredible? why do I already love these four badasses?
ramennoodling ramennoodling Jun 18, 2016
first chapter and all of the characters sound amazing my god
- - Jun 30, 2016
why is this so amazing??? I think I need to stop reading books so awesomely written I do nothing but cry about my pitiful life. Why are you so amazing again? ♥♥♥
scoobydoe scoobydoe Oct 29, 2016
I've had this book in my library forever, I don't understand why I hadn't opened it til now cause wow the plot seems so amazing?? Like what the hell??