Zaddy (Urban) #wattys2016

Zaddy (Urban) #wattys2016

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Two girls brought together by the thing that changed them the most. Abuse. 

Years, after the horrors that changed both Ziya and Denim's life they are closer than ever but have two completely different outlooks on love. For Ziya, using a man for his money is something she would never do. You could barely get her to talk to a man better yet use one. Soon, she meets Mecca a man in a league all of his own. Despite, her fears Ziya gives him a chance and she enters a world she never expected. 

Denim on the other hand, would love for a rich man to fall into her lap and sweep her completely off her feet. Denim wished for the life where she didn't work behind a desk at a call center. But instead she wanted the life of the chicks on Instagram, where every other picture was a new pair of shoes or bags. Although she has the looks Denim can't seem to find the one. Cue the hot headed, possibly insane Blaze. A man looking for everything but love. After a one nightstand between the two, Denim gets more than she ever bargained for.

KayKay1998 KayKay1998 Aug 21, 2016
I hate a dirty bathroom and kitchen! Bedrooms I can understand
AdorreSarah AdorreSarah Dec 20, 2016
I'm getting surgery when I become 21 I'm tired of people looking and talking about  my booty and thighs.😩
ayee_kbaby ayee_kbaby Nov 06, 2016
Most people think I'm a hoe bc I'm so curvy even tho I'm young and wen dey don't think I'm a hoe dey think im 16-17 and wen I tell em I'm almost 14 dey'll say " you a fast ass lil girl " 💀🙄 like how tf am I fast jus bc of my body😑
thismadchild thismadchild Dec 17, 2016
You should mix energy drinks amd alcohol your heart could race off and you would die
ANyiaa ANyiaa Sep 30, 2016
Its Sad That Its People Who Actually Think Rapping Somebody Is Okay 😷😔
AdorreSarah AdorreSarah Dec 20, 2016
I hate when my bathroom is clean and some nasty family or friend want to come and dirty like they never seen a clean bathroom before😩😒