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Bitten {Ouran Host Club}

Bitten {Ouran Host Club}

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Labyrinth__ By Labyrinth__ Completed

Ouran High. The school for the richest of the rich. They all have so much time on their hands, they don't know what to do with it all.   Alaria Mae. An extremely intelligent (and beautiful) girl who gets a scholarship to this large school. She's a commoner, poor, and doesn't have much time for herself.   Alaria Mae had many tragedies right after she received her scholarship to Ouran, so she had to wait until the last few months of school to really get started.   Alaria is in Tamaki and Kyoya's first period, and it is there that she meets the two charming men.   All the girls are throwing themselves at them, but Alaria refuses to. She accepts the rose Tamaki offers her and agrees to consider coming to an event the Host Club is hosting. Tamaki is very oblivious, but Kyoya knows there is something very different about Alaria.

flute_4evs flute_4evs Jan 18
would anyone mind reading my stories? they are pieces I have been working on for a while that i need some decent feedback on plz and thx :)
Iris_Creepypasta Iris_Creepypasta Jun 11, 2016
is this based off the manga because the room isn't empty in the anime
                              just pointing that out but you are Writer-Chan  so i wont complain (also not everyone falls for haruhi and honey is 17 so you must be going by manga but ya sorry for blabbering )
ouran_insanity ouran_insanity Apr 10, 2016
Ooohb I'm thinking about doing a Kaoru fanfiction and I think it's fate because I keep having dreams about it... Is that weird? Nah
TheButterflySlave TheButterflySlave May 17, 2016
Well, from the OHSHC boys' perspectives she is considered 'poor.'
Author_Fate Author_Fate Jun 06, 2016
Also known as ~ Mommy/Shadow King/Dark Lord and Death Note 👌🏼
Geekrena123 Geekrena123 Jun 24, 2016
More along the lines of lower middle-class. Yes, there is money problems she has to deal with but she is a commoner. Root word COMMON. She only poor in the club's perspective.