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Across The Galaxy (Luke Skywalker x Reader)

Across The Galaxy (Luke Skywalker x Reader)

39.4K Reads 1.4K Votes 59 Part Story
LivingStarWarsFandom By _Scoundrel104_ Completed

Your a beautiful moisture farmer who lives on Tatooine and is best friends with another farmer by the name of Luke Skywalker. Life is peaceful until two droids come along. 

I do not own Star Wars, Disney and Lucasfilms do!"

Lilliepages Lilliepages Mar 26
Beru was like my favorite character, I got super attached to her in the first five minutes. I was devastated when she died 😔
lunanightfall594 lunanightfall594 Dec 28, 2016
This entire story is basically my Star Wars OC's life, except she's the lost heir of some moon
_obi-wankenobi_ _obi-wankenobi_ Dec 25, 2016
This is my personal line! Nobody else can comment here ;);););)
Angels96 Angels96 Dec 26, 2016
Damn it guys...I'm soooooooo sorry (ノಠ益ಠ)ノ彡┻━┻ 
                              My pervertedness rubbed off on R2 (ง •̀_•́)ง
scarlettwolf15 scarlettwolf15 Jun 13, 2016
Oh god, no wonder R2 only communicates through beeping , he's so vulgar! 😂😂
wattupitsjustine13 wattupitsjustine13 May 28, 2016
That picture looks adorable, the way Mark is holding that little girl 😍😍