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My Assassin Fox (Kung Fu Panda fanfic - Tigress x OC)

My Assassin Fox (Kung Fu Panda fanfic - Tigress x OC)

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I'm—so—FABULOUS By Grace_ShadowWolf Completed

Long after Takano was rejected by Tigress, he became China's greatest assassin. As an assassin, they are known to be sneaky troublemakers. But him, he was loyal, but not friendly. He was trusted by everyone to get the job done. Not that everyone liked him, the guards in all of China's jails despise him for his methods of eliminating or either sheer jealousy. He now lives in Gongmen City jail.

Then, Masters Ox and Croc were sent by Lord Shen's guards to jail and they meet Takano or 'Assassin' as they call him. They ask him a favor to eliminate Lord Shen and destroy his weapon the will destroy China and kung fu.

What happens when Tigress and the others are on a mission to destroy the weapon and she and Takano cross paths again? This time, Takano is cold-hearted and brute.

Will he accept her?

Or will he move on and continue to be cold-hearted and brute?

"You should watch yours, kitten. 'Cause when I catch you spitting at me again, you will get you tongue cut off from your mouth. Same goes for you, Lu!", Assassin yelled as Lu cowered in fear in his cell. I seemed to be attracted to Assassin, but I also hate him because he was intimidating. 'Just like Takano.', I thought.

AC3, ACUnity, AC4, ACSyndixate, ACCronicles ACunity is best to me
XxDay_DreamerX XxDay_DreamerX Dec 20, 2016
I love that game, i have Assassin's Creed 3 and The Black Flag