Spray Paint

Spray Paint

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Stiles' father is the Sheriff for the NYPD. Stiles, twenty-two years old, wants to be just like him. 

Lydia, nineteen years old, lives in a trailer home with her mom, older brother, and younger adoptive brother. 

Stiles' father wants to catch the guy who's putting graffiti all over town. Stiles wants to help him out. He calls it "Operation Spray Paint". 

Lydia goes around town with her bag of spray paints, spraying her art onto buildings for everyone to see. 

What happens when Stiles catches her? Or tries to...at least.

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Jayster1738 Jayster1738 Aug 11
My friend cut her vayjayjay  while shaving and cried for an hour (but u didn't need to know that)