Protector -Dark Larry Stylinson/Marcel Fanfiction-

Protector -Dark Larry Stylinson/Marcel Fanfiction-

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No One. By stripperlouisx Completed

"What's your name, love?" The unknown man breathed huskily into my ear. My eyes widened as his lips attached to my neck. I gasped at the feeling. He sucked lightly at the skin under his soft lips. I was frozen to the spot in the empty hallway. The small chattering from the kitchen could still be heard as the pain intensified on my neck. 

"So, what's your name again?" He asked, his lips brushing against my neck, which made me shiver. "U-uh, M-Marcel." I stuttered nervously. Hit bit down harshly on my neck and I winced in pain. I wanted to push him away but I just couldn't bring myself to move at all. "When your mum introduced me I never got your name. You look adorable with those glasses and that vest." He whispered and placed a light kiss on the bruised area. I closed my eyes briefly but opened then back up to get a glance at him.

His piercing blue eyes stared back at me. His hair was up and slightly shifted to the side and he was fit. But why was he doing this to a nerd like me? Doesn't he see how ugly I am? He cupped my cheek with one hand and the other on the back of my thigh. "Don't think differently about yourself, babe." He walked away right after he ran his fingertips over my crotch lightly. 

"I'll be seeing you again." He stated, before walking away from me.

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