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The angle of darkness (Aaron x Reader) Book1

The angle of darkness (Aaron x Reader) Book1

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Skittle Swag Queen By Legendary_Skittles Completed

P.S. Y/N-your name 
F/C- favorite color 
S/F/C- second fav color 
H/C- hair color 
E/C- eyes color

You were walking in the forest. Leaving your village, Overlook what was once called your home, but everything changed after your dad died. Your mom got married to a guy she barely knew. Your new father never liked you and he started beating you and yelling at you when your mom was at work. You tried to tell your mom, but your stepfather said other wise and of course she believed him and not you. So you had enough and you ran away. You are only 16 and your dad taught you everything about wild life. So you were capable of taking care of yourself or so you thought. 

imAmathis imAmathis Feb 05
Y/N : Rachel
                              F/C : Icy blue
                              S/F/C : light blue 
                              H/C : light blonde with Royal purple highlights  
                              E/C :   Icy blue
I've heard of obtuse, right, and acute angles but never of ones made of darkness...
You saying I cant take care of myself huh bruh hmmm*got text from crush*
                              Crush(text message):Bruh...WTF!!
Geeky_Craft Geeky_Craft Nov 28, 2016
(T^T)(T^T)(T^T)(T^T)(T^T) I'm gonna cry case the picture (T^T)
WendyTheWolfies WendyTheWolfies Aug 13, 2016
If I'm and angle I guess you could say im ACUTE ONE hahaha lol
Cupie_Cake Cupie_Cake Aug 11, 2016
The song angel of darkness is playing in my head over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over