Silhouetted Sky

Silhouetted Sky

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Sal By AmaranthineSalal Completed

❝ Sky opened her eyes and very slowly, touched the silvery apparition. Beneath Sky's fingers, a head began to take shape; then a silver-streaked mane; an ivory-colored body; a wispy, featherlike tail; long, graceful legs; and finally, a pair of magnificent, feathered wings. ❞ 

She may be quiet and soft-hearted, but with the nightmares she's been having recently and her confusion over the mother she's never met, sixteen-year-old Sky's life isn't just sunshine and daisies. Especially when she learns about the turmoil festering between rival groups in the kingdom where she was born. After a chance meeting with a handsome stranger, she finds herself on a quest to her birthplace. Soon she's caught up in a web of mythical creatures, magic, romance, and political intrigue. Not to mention, she and her companion are both harboring secrets of their own...

❝Tbh you stole my heart with Sal and James...sweetest fictional kids I've ever read!! ❞  - @ARhealy

❝This ending is perfect; absolutely, adorably, amazingly, perfectly perfect. It makes me super happy.❞ - @SilvanaMae

Cover made by: @crookedaydreamer

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SilvanaMae SilvanaMae Mar 11, 2017
I love this first chapter. Even if Vivienne isn't the main character, her personality is interesting. You do such a good job revealing bits of her without being too telling. She's definitely someone to look out for. Good job!
FuuzySocks FuuzySocks Jun 17
I'm almost finished with the book and now I watched the trailer and it makes me so happy...😁
Awh I love the cover so much ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️🕊
Your cover is the best cover i have ever seen... praise for the author or the one who made this❤❤
What the hell is wrong with men? Like my friend had to stop doing her ballroom dancing because they guys are trying to grind on her and be inappropriate . . . It's freaking BALLROOM DANCING get a life. So disgusting.
edgymetalkid edgymetalkid Mar 25, 2017
You did an amazing job with this prologue. Your writing style is wonderful and I can't wait to read more. :)