The Original || Elijah Mikaelson

The Original || Elijah Mikaelson

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Alexandra Salvatore, the first witch to have ever lived on earth, the first hybrid to walk the earth after she killed a man and turned into a werewolf and eventually a vampire which resulted in a spell going wrong to make the full moons easier. 

Her family is what created the long life of werewolf's and witches which led to Silas and Esther, she had been alone for thousands of years due to the fact that she promised to never let anyone else share the burden of immortality. 

She stumbled upon a family which she grew close to, keeping them out of harm's way throughout the years. The little werewolf thought she was an angel from the heavens as she repeatedly saved him from being killed by his father and as she watched the family grew, she grew a close to bond with all. She became the werewolf's best friend and he watched as she fell in love with his older brother who was in love with another. 

It was peaceful for a couple years until the werewolves came and killed the youngest which caused chain events that Alexandra ever wanted. Esther stole her spell for immortality and cast it not knowing that she would be dead in couple days and be cursed on the other side. Not knowing that she would watch her children kill and kill and kill.

And so Alexandra helped them, stuck with them as she repeatedly kept her feelings for the second oldest brother a secret. Even when he fell in love over and over again. She didn't speak a word, not even when the siblings told her to tell him she refused. 

So for a thousand years, Alexandra watched as death spread through the land after land, wherever she went with the family until she finally couldn't take being near him anymore and she left. Left for her the last of her family who she grew extremely close to. That was until she saw him again, in the most obscure circumstances. And she realized she would have to choose. 

Salvatore or Mikaelson.....

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I love the idea of your book, but there are a lot of spelling errors, this can be quite annoying and in this case it kinda is. Sorry