The Malfoy Family

The Malfoy Family

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crazygirlnamedred By crazygirlnamedred Updated May 12, 2017

Hermione's POV

" Push Hermione Push!" The healer said. "Aaaaghhhh!!!" I shouted. It was very painful that I shouted very loud. It was more painful than  Bellatrix torture me.

I looked at Draco's face to get some strength. but even him is very worried about me that he is like going to cry but he forced to smile and whispered me very strength getting 5 words.

"You can do it hon."

When I heard those word, I smiled back at him and I said "Dont worry I can do it" and scream so loud. 

"Awwwwwww... cute baby boy..."
The other helper said 

"Mrs. Malfoy, I think you're ok now were just gonna clean the baby and after few minutes we will give it to you and make sure you Breastfeed him." The helper said and left.

"Hun, Are you hungry?" Draco said

"Ummm.. honestly, Yes..."

"I will just go in the cafeteria here in hospital what food do you want?"

"A steak Maybe"

"Ok hun I will go back as soon as possible."

Draco said and kissed me in the forehead as he waved goodbye.

I am about to sleep...

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janeandmichelle janeandmichelle May 06, 2017
Guys. Yea we know that Draco is hot af always but lay off of dramione
Dharuc Dharuc Jan 06, 2017
Am I the only one who actually counted to see if there were 5 words? :P
katiemay204 katiemay204 Jan 04, 2017
Roses are red
                              Cacti are prickly
                              Can I just say
                              That escalated quickly!