Down 4 U (Urban Fiction)

Down 4 U (Urban Fiction)

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Ashai (Ah-Shay) Mckay is sixteen years young, fresh, and has faced tragedy after tragedy. At this point, she's feeling it couldn't get any worse than what it is. Her mother died when she was very young, on top of that, the only real friend that she ever had was now gone too. She's lost in the cold streets of Detroit without a mother to guide her and without a friend to support her and be there for her. She eventually befriended a young man, Majesty Lafayette, comes into her world and slowly gains her trust and her love. He brings out of her depression and introduces her to love and affection. Will Ashai enjoy her life with her new man or will tragedy soon strike again?

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sweetz- sweetz- Nov 25, 2017
I get what y'all are saying in the comment section,I'm bi-racial and I'm tired of seeing the same girls too
liljaguar liljaguar Mar 15, 2018
What's a new York accent sound like? Should I refer to Jay-Z for this?
liljaguar liljaguar Mar 15, 2018
Follow her for two blocks, follow her for two blocks 😩😭😭😂💀
liljaguar liljaguar Mar 15, 2018
That's what you call being careful with your words?? Ouch. You could have just said she went out of town or something.
TheCartersDaughter TheCartersDaughter Jun 03, 2018
Yeah ok🙃, that's not what Pusha said bu it ain't my business🙂🐸.
ityanadenise ityanadenise Aug 05, 2017
🎶 I Saw You From Across The Room , And I Gotta Admit That You Got My Attention 🎶