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She's With Me

She's With Me

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Ehnticing By Ehnticing Updated May 21

#1 in action [07/09/16]
      Lily, A girl who is delicate, kind, lovable and cares for all no matter what the reason. 
      Vincentio Vitali Armando, Shortly- Vincent, A respected Italian Don who is Ruthless, Inexorable, and one the most feared men in the world. He cannot love and cannot be loved and doesn't flinch when he pulls the trigger. 
      What happens when he's been shot and a girl rushes to his aid?  
      +This book is about the Real Mafia, It's not about some drug lord just sleeping around for fun, the Don takes his work seriously. So don't expect some love just to fall out of guns. He may be cocky but when it's down to business, it's strictly business.+
  Read at your own risk. This book is unedited so there are a few grammatical errors. This book is also recommended to 17+. It contains dark violence and other mature scenes.
  Disclaimer: This book is owned by me. All Rights Reserved 2016©. Do not plagiarize.

Vetterz Vetterz Mar 12
                              WE FINNA CATCH A ROUND
There's a book called She's With Me by Ava Violet which is pretty much stealing their idea lmao
MoesAnonymous MoesAnonymous Nov 02, 2016
I deadass love it when story's take place in my hood. NYC WHOOP WHOOP
Luxters Luxters Sep 20, 2016
For some reason this is funny to me. But if I was in thisbsituation, it DEFINITELY  would not be funny.😑
Romimathews Romimathews Nov 12, 2016
Love it , when you guys get a chance pleasr check out my book preview meant to be..
CombatBaby14 CombatBaby14 Sep 18, 2016
Lmao literally said 3 words and is accused of being a whore.😂👌