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At the Surface (Sans X Reader)

At the Surface (Sans X Reader)

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Ms. WordyQ By mswordyQ Updated Apr 23

Just an Undertale Fanfic after Frisk brings all the monsters to surface. I'm going to refer to Frisk and Chara as a girl, and yes, I do know that they're suppose to be gender neutral but I don't really care. Also, this story is fit for a female reader but if you can still read it....I mean, I'm not the one to judge. Anyways, thanks for reading and enjoy! :)

The monsters have finally made it to the surface and have been legalized to roam the surface as they please. The first couple of months have been spent as a paradise where humans and monsters have lived in peace and happiness. But as we all know, humans tend to be afraid of what they don't understand and the appearance of the monsters only seemed to have fueled the rising tension. 

You are a member of one of the biggest clubs that support the monster's appearance, known as the FMC (For Monsters Corporation). There is a rival club, known as the DM (Destroy the Monsters) that only wants to exterminate the existence of the monsters, and with every passing day, conditions only seem to be getting worse. 

Determined, you try to make things right and equal for all beings, but things start to alter when you meet with a certain skeleton. 

And with this certain skeleton, you, dear reader, reveal your biggest, most valuable secret...your little "defect".

..... I'm just going to change every word with 'coffee' into tea. I seriously hate coffee with a burning passion.
BLUE FLAMES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ME AND SANS ARE THE SAME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
trash34567 trash34567 May 10
This is inaccurate because chemistry is my best class, the story so far, though!
                              I BELIEVE I CAN TOUCH THE SKY~
                              I THINK ABOUT IT NIGHT AND DAY~
LuciePettit LuciePettit May 14
I thought this was a Sans x Reader fanfic, but if you insist Papyrus....;)
Ember_Wolfe Ember_Wolfe May 08
We don't have D's at my school. It goes A B C F. Yep but I get a's in science so it doesn't matter