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Fantasy Roleplay

Fantasy Roleplay

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💫민 윤기 💫 By Daredevilll Updated Feb 09

I think you can guess

LillyRyder LillyRyder Oct 22, 2016
Also can chu make a Princess? o-o like... a telekinesis princess?
Ticktock_346 Ticktock_346 Oct 22, 2016
                              Gender: male 
                              Sexuality: bi
                              Looks: brown hair green eyes tanish skin a big blue hoodie and long jeans oh and his worn out navy blue vans
                              Species/powers: human/ magic 
                              Personality:shy but not all the time and as sweet as sugar!
                              Also he's blind.
Name: Yakira Takai
                              Age: 16
                              Personality: Nice, Can be rude, Friendly.
                              Sexuality: Bi
                              Species: Bat-hybrid
                              Looks: Long black hair and orange eyes, she has pale skin and she's pretty short for her age
                              Likes: Cats, Black, Having fun.
                              Dislikes: Mean people
                              I hope this is Ok! Cant wait to rp with you
AJQueen6 AJQueen6 Jan 24
Name:Ana Rowe
                              Personality, sweet, loyal, funny, caring and kind.
                              Looks:Long black hair, pale skin, dark brown eyes.
                              Likes: partying, dancing, drinking, animals, art, music
                              Dislikes:family, jerks.
                              Powers: She can fly
WinchesterPrime WinchesterPrime Nov 04, 2016
Can i like.....make a form and tag you? Or do you want me to make it in here?
Celia Shadow
                              17 but is immortal
                              Profile pic with Wolf ears and tail that are black
                              Quiet shy mysterious not the 'kiss and tell type'
                              She has scars all over her body for reasons that will ve revealed later on