You Cant Tell Me What To Do |Underfell! Sans X Mean! Reader

You Cant Tell Me What To Do |Underfell! Sans X Mean! Reader

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hello darkness my old friend By The_Lolz Updated Oct 23


You open your eyes as a sharp pain shoots through your body.
"Aaahh... dammit." You say slowly getting up. You look down at the scratchy thing you landed on. It was a dead bush of flowers. It broke your fall, but damn. It still hurt like hell. You looked straight up. The light of the surface loomed above. The sun slightly hurt your eyes, so you looked away. Infront of you was a hallway, leading to some pillars. You lifted your sore body to your feet, grunting and groaning a bit along the way. As you stood up completely, you popped your neck and blew your hair out of your face. You limped to the pillars. 

You truged through the pillars into another dark room. You look up to see a faint, tiny object in the distace. You walk up, fairly loudly. As you grew nearer, you could hear it whispering things. Suddenly, it turned around. When it saw you it looked frozen in fear. You came to the realization that it was a flower. Y...

One side me loves YN new attitude the other feels I like I should punch YN in the face.
Wolfpelt66 Wolfpelt66 Aug 01
Don't toutch my kewl-aid
                              My kewl-aid
                              Don't toutch my kewl-aid
poppy_heart poppy_heart Aug 12
Wow. I must not have a good conscience. Only a bad one. I have like five consciences I think! I can never make up my mind! Also, another good idea for a book would be "underfell!Sans x sensitive!reader"
I walked towards myself..? 😂
                              Sorry sorry, typo mistake. It's okay.
Damn that attitude..
                              It fits me quite well i don't like it! I LOVE IT LOVE IT LLOOVVE IT
"FLU-FLU-flowey the flower."
                              Dang Flowey are you sick or somethin or its Y/N that has the flu? XD