Slumber of the Beast- Naruto Fanfic

Slumber of the Beast- Naruto Fanfic

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純 By junkiaayo Updated Aug 06, 2017

I was born from love ... 

I rose from fire and ashes ... 

My heart is stained with hate ...

My fate is revenge ...  

Don't awaken the beast. 

(This book IS finished- though not everything is posted -but it's going under heavy editing and rewrite so please bare with me :) thank you!)

(I don't own Naruto or its characters- except my own -Naruto belongs to its creator)

-previously known as: This World full of Life

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iiWitchyWriter iiWitchyWriter Apr 04, 2017
boi I aint doing anything for them so I aint at there service xD
TheoIlida TheoIlida Apr 26, 2017
Still trying to be like itachi,huh orochimaru? Keep dreaming pedophile
ConstantTea ConstantTea Aug 22, 2017
I'm assuming he means the villagers, her clan, being dead but she doesn't miss them
WiseCheshire WiseCheshire Mar 23, 2017
Kakashi he is the only one that practically always has a book in hand
Just_Call_Me_Jo Just_Call_Me_Jo Jun 14, 2017
I'm in a love hate situation with Orochimaru and I DONT LIKE IT
I_have_your_soul I_have_your_soul Aug 07, 2017
I'm sorry, but I'm truly curious as to why he would ask who her mother is right off the bat