The Perfect Playlist Lesbian Story

The Perfect Playlist Lesbian Story

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A/N: This story includes explicit sexual content.  Please use discretion.  I've titled each chapter with with a song and that pairs with the chapter.  This is Book 5: The Perfect Playlist - Ashley & Grace Seattle.  
The story is complete ... I'll post chapters about 4 at a time.


Grace Jansen loves her job, young and the one of the best in the business she sees and hears the world in a very unique way.  Ashley Frye loves her job.  Frye's skill set is special, she saves lives.  As many as she can, in both large and small measures.  Both consumed by their work, a chance meeting in a coffee shop sets them on a journey of discovery.  Together they build their perfect playlist.

Book 1: She Tastes Love
Book 2: Coffee Shop Love
Book 3: Love Written in the Stars
Book 4: Secret Agent Woman
Book 5: She Hears True Love
Book 6: Running From The Past
Book 7: Money Doesn't Matter
Book 8: Summer Love
Book 9: Blood, Love, Magic
Book 10: Coach's Choice

In Development
Bergen Norway: Game of Gods:
33 Forks/Buddhist Update

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Simplymahogany1 Simplymahogany1 Jun 20, 2017
I have arrived in Seattle! May the morning dew of this temperate city lay over me with curiosity and a driven spirit to unfold a new adventure!
- - Jun 19, 2017
Awe....french fry is such an adorable nickname! Great chapter
CClaus90 CClaus90 Jan 13, 2018
An interesting storyline. This is a first for me regarding her amazing condition. Nice job.
ItsaKaithing ItsaKaithing Jul 26, 2017
Boyce Avenue has a habit of making the cover ten fold better than the original 🤷🏻‍♀️
im_gay_bro im_gay_bro Oct 29, 2017
*Plays The A team in background as the opening soundtrack, while the scene comes into view from 20 ft. above*
Blitzer117 Blitzer117 Jul 29, 2017
I am really curious on how you know so much about the things you wright about. How much research is put into these stories? Do you interview others or is it all knowledge you just have? How do you know locations as well as you do? You're attention to detail really makes the story in my opinion