I taco 'bout you  - Underswap Sans x Reader

I taco 'bout you - Underswap Sans x Reader

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Flaire By CloverStream Completed

You fell down a few weeks ago...
Asgore is about to fight you.

Your about to die.

You call for help...

Did somebody come?

*I only drew the cover I don't own the characters or other art*

  • sans
  • skeleton
  • underswap
  • undertale
  • xreader
Papyrus wth I thought you were the one who told them to hide
Me seeing under swap Temmie: FÛCK THIS IM NOT DOING THIS AGAIN!!!
SpankMeGrandma SpankMeGrandma Aug 18, 2016
No never go to towns... You don't know what's waiting for you there...
H0m32tuckTr42h H0m32tuckTr42h Oct 12, 2016
                              my lil cinnamon roll 
                              too sweet and precious 
                              smol kawaii child
                              Poem brought to you by Temmie Flakes!,