Don't Let Go || Park Jimin X Reader ||

Don't Let Go || Park Jimin X Reader ||

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♡ Vanessa ♡ By Jiminisaderp Completed

Hi guys this is my first fan fiction on wattpad so please enjoy and I hope you like it! This is also my first X reader! Oh and I'll try to update chapters as much as possible!! o̶̶̷̤ .̫ o̴̶̷̤ 


You live an average life as an average teenage high-schooler in America, but one day you are sent a letter? As you lift the flap to read what was inside the envelope you were surprised! "An exchange program in Korea?" you mutter to yourself. Your parents agree to let you go to Korea for the remainder of your high school years, and there you meet the one and only BTS?! You've been adoring them ever since their debut, but this is unbelievable! And to top it all off Park Jimin likes you?!

Zen1Baby Zen1Baby Nov 26, 2016
I was about to turn off my electronics........ The power of being absorbed in a book.
CrimsonSkratch CrimsonSkratch Dec 17, 2016
So glad they stopped that rule now. It can be one all flight long :)
Pheona: *reads this part of fanfiction*
                              Pheona:..........…………………… BÏTCH!
I'm listening to their cover of Perfect Man
                              Also Ima imagine "17. Just One Day"
_-Snow_Drop-_ _-Snow_Drop-_ Dec 23, 2016
I wish this was l true but sadly reality needs to kill me all over again
Me: *meet all BTS*.......
                              I can finally died in peace *died*