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boku no hero academia (oneshotss!!!@#$%^&&!!!)

boku no hero academia (oneshotss!!!@#$%^&&!!!)

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~•otaku_chan•~ By Nanniebear15 Updated Jul 13

i just started to watch and read this anime yesterday(cuz my brother showed me the day before but i forgot to watch it. anyways, i was watching the anime and i couldn't help but notice that the main character, Izuku Midoriya IS SO FRECKING CUTE!!!!!!!! HIS FRECKLES ARE KAWAII!!!!!*ahem sorry...........about that.* but im aslo doing the other characters!! before i do that im gonna have to read more cuz the anime onlyhave 4 episodes. 
ciao!!!!(⚠: boku no hero academia does not belong to me!! And the pictures!!)

Rojrojee Rojrojee Jun 06
I like his flufy head and his cute freckels and i want to pinch his cheeks they look meaty *disclamer im a cannibal*
xBiohazard0 xBiohazard0 May 18
Soooo if you decide to add all might to your list that'd be nice.  Not enough people writing about him.
antisocial-ghost antisocial-ghost Jun 28, 2016
This kind reminds me of this teacher he stood in front of the class with his arms out stretched yelled at the top of his voice I'm a vigina
Unknown_Oddity Unknown_Oddity May 18, 2016
I feel sorry for him since there is caméras everywhere. (okay, I dont care lmao ;3)
Auburn0wl Auburn0wl Nov 08, 2016
But everyone was watching cause the screen displayed the battle to the whole class though
BubbleGumBlix BubbleGumBlix Jul 21, 2016
The one thing I'm thinking through this whole thing is how the class and all might look since they're watching this there probably like 'WTF?!'