Link x Reader LEMONS

Link x Reader LEMONS

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zelduhhh By zelduhhh Updated Apr 23

Sexual content !

If you  dislike lemons / smut , I suggest that you do not add this book into your library.

Very nasty stuff indeed.

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ReeceFox ReeceFox Apr 23
Modern Link!
                              Reader~chan is playing Halo and Link distracts her by kissing her neck and then you can do the rest
Nintendofanno1 Nintendofanno1 Nov 19, 2017
U could do like sixth form or high school prom event thing and then what happens after “wink wink” 😉
TheMelodyOfTheClouds TheMelodyOfTheClouds Nov 20, 2017
If you want to write it:
                              Link walks in on her changing and then "it" happens?
                              I'm sorry I can't provide much more xD
Allamenteia Allamenteia Nov 19, 2017
How about a breath of the wild one ? 
                              They decided to camp somewhere in the wild and things get heated ?
ThatDarkNerd ThatDarkNerd Nov 30, 2017
It can go for either the Modern AU, or the regular one, but the reader gets jealous of one of Link's friend because the reader is hanging out with him, so Link shows his possessiveness. They could be dating or not.
Avax17 Avax17 Nov 20, 2017
Modern era,Link is reader's boyfriend and is that like popular cool yet kinda bad boy guy and he gets slghtly drunk at a party and reader decides to drive him home and he just pins her down