Link x Reader LEMONS

Link x Reader LEMONS

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zelduhhh By zelduhhh Updated 4 days ago

Sexual content !

If you  dislike lemons / smut , I suggest that you do not add this book into your library.

Very nasty stuff indeed.

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OK SARIA COME HITHER ITS SEX-ED TIME!!  .......never let me breed....
AGHHHHHH!!!!!! *flips table* *flips bed* *flips fridge* *flips house*      IM OK I SWEAR!!!! BUT DDDDAAAAAYYYYUUUMMMM  im blushing already halpppp
If you can't beat them, join em
                              *flips phone, computer, life, book, desk, house, the rest of mi innocence, Satan, hell, heaven, god, Zeus, Odin, Fandom, Nintendo Switch, and everything else known to man I guess*
OperatorGurl725 OperatorGurl725 3 days ago
Does anyone need holy water?*washing myself with holy water*
At least he is telling me to tell him if its hurts... Thats sweet... GAHHHHH WHATS WRONG WITH ME