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Remember Me? (A Jack Gilinsky Fanfiction)

Remember Me? (A Jack Gilinsky Fanfiction)

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Mrs Jolinsky Mendes By MrsJolinskyMendes Updated 2 days ago

Meet Autumn James and Jack Gilinsky. They've been best friends ever since they were three. At the age of 12, they both meet with a big accident along with their close friend Jack Johnson and Autumns older brother, Christian James. 

 Fortunately, they all survive but Autumn suffers from amnesia resulting her forgetting everything including Jack and her parents. To save Jack from hurting for not Autumn remembering him, her parents tell Jack's family that she has unfortunately passed away and they all move to Los Angeles.

 Autumn's family re-introduced themselves to her again and she starts her new life as Grace James. 

 5 years later, Autumn's mom passed away and her dad think it's best if they move back to New York. In her new school, she is reunited back with Jack. 

 Oh boy has he changed. He's not who he was before.

 He drinks, smokes and deals. 

He's the biggest player that has ever entered Riverside High School and everyone's scared of him. Well, everyone except Autumn... 

 Will Autumn remember Jack? Will Jack realise that Autumn is not dead?

CamsDreezy CamsDreezy Jun 17, 2016
DUDE THAT TRAILOR THO! Ozmfg! I remember that part in VD! Btw really feeling the characters and story so far! Great job with the trailor i really like it
florpalermo florpalermo Dec 05, 2016
To save him from hurting for Autumn not remembering him, they tell him that she is DEAD. Great, intelligent parents.
Llamadramamaha Llamadramamaha May 27, 2016
guhlinskaysbabe guhlinskaysbabe Jun 19, 2016
I literally love that trailer! Im so excited now to see how great this book is!!
NourhanEhab6 NourhanEhab6 Oct 05, 2016
Ladies and gentle men let me introduce you to johnson 😂😂😂
skatemxx skatemxx Aug 30, 2016
I would chose Johnson anytime as well like he's such a cutie pie, Cameron is caca so not thank you