The Hybrid- Septiplier

The Hybrid- Septiplier

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What Even Is My Life Right Now By dancing_ghost Updated Jun 15, 2016

The year is 3016. There are two types of people. Humans, and Hybrids. For centuries, they had never gotten along. Until one day, the government sends the first hybrid in history to go to a human university. His name was Jack. And that day was the day he met Mark.

[[I'm really bad at summaries XD]]

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Ploffot Ploffot Aug 31, 2016
please be a hybrid of a neko plz plz plz and a wolf plz plz plzzzzzzz
lolaroseluchchan lolaroseluchchan Jul 06, 2016
oh im diggin it so now i've gtta sing it ready(dont) I'ma do it(please noooooo) DOWNTOWN DOOOOOWWWWNNNTOOOOOWWWN! DOWTOOOWN!!!!
EnergeticHedgehog EnergeticHedgehog Jun 19, 2016
This is actually a really good idea! Especially the part with the hat that was so cute! I love the story so far! 
CrapCat CrapCat Nov 03, 2016
TBH I think non-rasict people would actually like that his eyes could do that.
apollo22500 apollo22500 May 07, 2016
I love this idea! It's so unique and interesting, I can't wait to see how you shape this world of humans and Hybrids!
Chickenpoofer Chickenpoofer May 07, 2016
Hmm... Interesting. To be honest. If Hybrids have powers i'd think that the humans should be intimidated by them but oh well. :3