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The greatest mistake vampires ever made was letting us believe in them.

England, 1887. All vampires have been enslaved. Kept in silver chains, they live in eternal pain to serve their human masters.

This is the world Sarah Veil must make her way in. A child of immigrants, and a hatred of being touched, Sarah grew up knowing that she was different.

Neither of these things are helpful when she is expected to marry into British society and secure the empire her father had built. And with a legacy built on the suffering of others, and the pull of an unthinkable love, Sarah isn't sure what she wants anymore.

sangolover1 sangolover1 May 03
Loved Faintest Ink! Can't wait for the sequel 😍 I guess I'll just have to have my fix by reading this.
Is it too early to say I love it already? Just such a new and inventive take on the whole vampire idea.
sangolover1 sangolover1 May 29
I think I'm going to love this story even more than Faintest Ink.
ashthesloth ashthesloth Nov 23
That's so COLD. Wow. (Do these comments only show stuff for the whole paragraph? My bad!) I love the callous capitalism.
wendyjays wendyjays Oct 02
You've kept your promise. Certainly not your average vampire tale. Glad to know you've survived the polls and the rise of Mrs May. On to the next chapter then.
Already enamored with this story! I love when a writer pays attention to all the backstory details and such because it makes thier created world so much more real to the reader. But then again I suppose you know that... at any rate a good show indeed I want more.