My Vampire Master

My Vampire Master

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Lane Girl By x-mystical Updated Apr 30, 2016

"You are mine" He said as he placed his mouth on the back of my neck, sending shivers down my spine. "Do you understand?"

"I-I'm not y-yours" my breath hitched.

"Well sweetheart, you won't be saying that once I mark you" I could sense his smirk.


King Damien Woods was known for being the cruellest, the youngest and the most handsome King to ever rule the famous Bloodmound Kingdom-a kingdom known for its cruelty against humans especially against females. He used girls just as a pleasure toy for him and once he was done with them he had no hesitation in snapping their necks and throwing away their lifeless bodies.
A prophecy made five years ago out of blue, changed the life of a simple yet naïve and full of life teenager, Anna Greene, who got stuck in the alternate universe of vampires and their human slavery tactics. When Anna becomes Damien's own personal slave, they encounter so many emotions together but would love be one too?

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