My Damaged Savior (A Daryl Dixon Love Story) [Pre apocalyptic]

My Damaged Savior (A Daryl Dixon Love Story) [Pre apocalyptic]

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Madeline or Maddie Davidson has an okay life. Being 22 and living at home is never easy. Her mother is a drunken druggie and her father is a drunken abuser. She wants to get away. When her mother suddenly passes away she gets some startling news that flips her life upside down. Secrets, lies, and betrayal. It's something that Maddie has been used to for all of her life. The real question: What is her life? Because this definitely wasn't it.    

Daryl Dixon. His life isn't much better. Some may say it's even worse. Having a mother who died when he was just the age of eight left Daryl to fend for himself. Daryl's brother Merle was in and out of juvi and his father was a drunk who got pleasure from beating his sons. Now with his father in prison and Daryl living with his drugged up brother he never really knew what happiness was until he met Maddie.

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KidintheDark67 KidintheDark67 Nov 27, 2016
At first I read "a six pack of Merle" and was like ......... wat
Linds4Life2003 Linds4Life2003 Aug 10, 2016
Just finished chapter 1 and I'm already in love with this book
YABW07 YABW07 Feb 11, 2016
This is so far the best Daryl Dixon fan fiction I have ever read!
-psxcho -psxcho May 28, 2016
I've had this story stuck in my reading list for months but I never got around to reading it. Glad to finally be picking it up and paging through it, seems absolutely fantastic- you're quite gifted and I am sad to hear about your experience with a fan.
EminemPresleyJackson EminemPresleyJackson Apr 01, 2016
Reading this because my nickname is Maddie & I love Daryl! :D ;)
west_of_westeros west_of_westeros Mar 24, 2016
Just started reading this and I'm already hooked! I'd love it if you'd  read over my story,because yours are phenomenal.