Gone Magic

Gone Magic

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Sabinsky By Sabinsky Completed

Seventeen-year-old Katinka is trapped in a magical dress in the middle of New York City.

Ever since a man with burning blue eyes snatched her into his fancy flying carriage, Katinka has been a prisoner in the realm of the Magi, an invisible 18th-century world of haughty, aristocratic wizards, torturous corsets, and absolutely no chance of education for women. Which is very unfortunate since all Katinka wants is to get the education no women in her family have ever had.

Her kidnapper Balthazar, resident playboy of the Magi court, is locked in a battle of power with his formidable mother - the reason why he kidnapped "a filthy human" in the first place. As Katinka searches for a way back home, she finds Olivia, an autistic girl locked up in the house. Soon Katinka is busy solving Olivia's mystery, sending home magical letters, and trying not to trip in her gargantuan dress in front of a very charming courtier. It is most inconvenient, then, that the only person who can help her untangle the knots and find her way home is the man she has sworn to loathe for all eternity - Balthazar.

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dark_writer_lily dark_writer_lily May 06, 2016
Ooh, this chapter's really good! I love Balthazar's dynamic with his mother. I can't wait to find out what sort of creatures they are, since they're not human :-)
mszame mszame Oct 29, 2016
Ah, I'm actually a banshee and I can scream your head off. 
                              Why are you asking, anyway😂
MPnick MPnick Mar 01, 2017
*shivers* I just had flashbacks of when i didnt get me hw done
mszame mszame Oct 29, 2016
Just that?
                              Looks like more of a neighbour to neighbour letter than a mother to daughter one to me😳
Lilli_Says_Die Lilli_Says_Die Jul 13, 2016
football like american football or soccer bc I feel like it's soccer rn
VladtheGrim VladtheGrim Aug 18, 2016
Oooooo. Great chapter! The book cover is really beautiful as well.