Truth or Dare (boyxboy)

Truth or Dare (boyxboy)

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Tristan Tucker was your typical cliché high school football jock. Loved by all, Tristan was at the top of the high school food chain. 

Colton Preed was your typical loner. Nobody got close to him, nobody talked to him, nobody got in his way. If they did, they would be infected by his gay disease and be dragged to the bottom of the high school food chain where he's always been. 

Nobody knew anything about Colton Preed. Just that he acted tough, but was really just weak enough to be beaten up by the populars and the jocks. So that's what they did. Tristan and his friends have always tortured Colton and enjoyed it.

But what happens when Tristan's friends dare him to get close to the mysterious boy? What happens when Tristan gets a bit too close to Colton for comfort?


There will be high content of triggering scenes. 


-Mentions and non-detailed actions of rape and sexual abuse

-Mentions and actions of self harm and suicide 

-Mentions of sex trafficking

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dipperxwirt dipperxwirt Sep 21
I love the fact that humanity are staring to like gay people, which makes other people (like myself) easy and safe to come out.
kaykay9987 kaykay9987 4 days ago
Omg this is me whenever I make more stories that I never finish XDXD
So... you like gay people... *starts pouring two glasses of wine*
phan3133 phan3133 Aug 25
I love gay guys. They make the best friends. My longest friendship are with gay guys
Yeah tbh me too I have like five books and all of them are boy x boy and then I have one more that's about scorpios because I am one
Unsure shh us ooh Ann yeh o 
                              My cat just wrote random letters on the keyboard and it autocorrected to this?!?!?