Truth or Dare (boyxboy)

Truth or Dare (boyxboy)

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Tristan Tucker was your typical cliché high school football jock. Loved by all, Tristan was at the top of the high school food chain. 

Colton Preed was your typical loner. Nobody got close to him, nobody talked to him, nobody got in his way. If they did, they would be infected by his gay disease and be dragged to the bottom of the high school food chain where he's always been. 

Nobody knew anything about Colton Preed. Just that he acted tough, but was really just weak enough to be beaten up by the populars and the jocks. So that's what they did. Tristan and his friends have always tortured Colton and enjoyed it.

But what happens when Tristan's friends dare him to get close to the mysterious boy? What happens when Tristan gets a bit too close to Colton for comfort?


There will be high content of triggering scenes. 


-Mentions and non-detailed actions of rape and sexual abuse

-Mentions and actions of self harm and suicide 

-Mentions of sex trafficking 


Okay so I know that a lot of what I write is this way, with the rape and depression and stuff, but the reason I do these is because the plot idea of one character saving the broken character with unconditional love just really really hits me in a way that I think is important for my imagination. Sure, you can call me dirty or nasty or whatever you'd like, but the aspect of saving the broken with love just makes me happy. Also, I often write instead of cutting myself when my depression gets to its lowest points. Therefore, I pour my feelings into the feelings of the fictional character. Anyway, that is my reason for the story plots that exist on the entirety of my account. Despite all of that, I do hope you still read my stories. All of them really do have happy endings. (If I ever get around to finishing them hehe...)

Thank you for your support! Blessings,


twinkie910 twinkie910 Jun 17, 2016
I'm predicting that he's soon gonna get a look of Colton's face and it'll be beautiful
mylesbianlifestyle mylesbianlifestyle Sep 08, 2016
Key signs of domestic abuse and anorexia bïtch. Fück you for not noticing.
twinkie910 twinkie910 Jun 17, 2016