But I'm A Good Boy [ Boyxboy]

But I'm A Good Boy [ Boyxboy]

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Mads By NoPressureJustBoxers Updated May 05, 2016

[ Noah's story ] 
[ mention of male pregnancy ] 
[ Mature content ] 

Gwen O'Harris is known for being the definition of a 'good boy'. With his straight A record, his passion for Debate Club, and his keen politeness passed down from generations of deep seeded southern roots, he is every parents wet dream, and every teachers favorite student. 

Loyal to his long term boyfriend and the friends he hopes to grow old with, nothing has ever really rattled Gwen O'Harris. 

That is until a certain dark haired blind bombshell starts appearing in all of Gwen's AP classes, causing him all sorts of trouble. 

But it's not like Gwen is interested; he knows the new guy is Bad and Gwen is anything but. 

He a Good Boy, after all.

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SabineTheWriter SabineTheWriter Apr 11, 2017
Great bc it's not like my feelings matter right 😭😭😭
I just accidentally killed a snail yesterday and now I think I'm gonna cry because every where I go a snail is mentioned
BeautyOverNonSense BeautyOverNonSense Apr 30, 2016
Is this the real book of noah because i thought that the book name faith in dandelion is Noah's book and officialy now i realy am confused
-behindthesea -behindthesea Aug 19, 2016
Dammit. Thought I found a book that wont hurt me. I was wrong. *puts on fake smile and wipes away tears*
Myraorn Myraorn Nov 24, 2016
My mom never made me breakfast... shes all  "just eat a bowl of cherrios!" And I'm like "but I've had that for like the last month..."
saltymay saltymay Jan 11, 2017
I always prefer badboys and don't care about the feelings of others but dang...i already  love em all