Aaron X reader: Not alone

Aaron X reader: Not alone

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Since a lot of people have requested X Aaron on my other X reader, I thought I'd make this. Enjoy.

Takes place in high school. I wrote this BEFORE PDH, so things may not be correct in the time line. 

Warning: This book has cursing, bullying, and other things that may bother you.

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SlipperySnakeIsMe SlipperySnakeIsMe Sep 16, 2017
Nah I'm actually really happy that my book covers all of your stupid faces
SlipperySnakeIsMe SlipperySnakeIsMe Sep 16, 2017
I know tonnes of people/things that care! 
                              THE CARE BEARS BOI
Sleepy-Storm Sleepy-Storm Nov 26, 2016
Me: Zane's the real Bish.
                              Zane: YOU WANT ANOTHER KICK?!
                              Me: OH BRING IT ON!
                              Zane: ALRIGHT DRAGON GIRL!
                              Me: Omg K~C is over there!
                              Zane: Where?!?! *turns to where she pointed*
                              Me: *pushes him and he falls flat on his face* Never trust Neko Element booiiii
YuiChan1208 YuiChan1208 Jul 29, 2016
I really don't what to say except of
                              I mean "WoW" in a good thing
                              Just WoW 
Mia_Doraeliaa Mia_Doraeliaa Oct 02, 2016
rumors that are stupid made by stupid people. Who think they are better than anyone else what it had actually happened to them,who are too afraid to say anything don't listen to someone who is bringing you down,defend yourself
__Honora__ __Honora__ Aug 08, 2016
No abortion I'd keep the child either raise it or put it up for adoption