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Love & Revenge

Love & Revenge

8.3K Reads 311 Votes 12 Part Story
LindseyStarkweather By LindseyStarkweather Updated Jan 15

Shadowhunters- Clalec: Fanfiction

     When a mission to dispose of misbehaving vampires goes awry for Clary Fray and she gets injured, what happens when Jace is not the one to find and help her, but his parabatai Alec Lightwood? Trouble then arises as Camille Belcourt attempts to avenge the loss of her last 'living' relative that was killed during the mission.
Clary/Alec, you can hate me if you want, I'm just seeing how this would go.

Disclaimer: All characters, concepts, and story plots of The Mortal Instruments/Shadowhunters are the ideas of Cassandra Clare, not me.

Note: I am very proud and happy of what Alec does in the books and tv show about coming out about his homosexuality, and my favorite ship of the The Mortal Instruments is Malec, but let's all remind ourselves that this entire story is fanfiction. And by definition, fanfiction is how fans want to explore the "what ifs" and "what would've happen if this had been true instead of this." People who want to complain can complain all they want, but that's not going to change the fact that this story and all others in similar concept are just fanfiction and in no way canon.

SarahJsm SarahJsm May 01, 2016
I really like your writing style and the story. It follows a certain logic and I could visualise it in my head. Fanfiction offers us a pool of possibilities and that's what I like so much about it :) keep up the good work
LindseyStarkweather LindseyStarkweather Apr 30, 2016
It's not a bad thing if you like it, I just enjoy mixing up pairings because it makes for great amusement and manipulation of plot
ginge05 ginge05 Aug 15, 2016
Really enjoyed this chapter, It good how he is the still typical Alec, moody :D.
                              Love how you added the fact of her still missing her mother and her drawings. Your choice of words are amazing. cannot wait too read more :)