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post-breakup ✧ kuroken au

post-breakup ✧ kuroken au

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kez ミ☆ By oikavva Updated Sep 10, 2016

kuroo broke up with kenma.
but that was just the start of everything.

Tendou_Satori Tendou_Satori Sep 10, 2016
But he is breaking up with kenma soo this does not have to do anything with meh xD
hanlovespasta hanlovespasta Jun 01, 2016
I shouldn't be reading this being slightly triggered by breakups lol
Amel232 Amel232 Jan 02
At least tell it to him in person and not over a phone call! AAAGGGHHH!
Oikawa_Toru_ Oikawa_Toru_ Dec 19, 2016
*Inhales* WhyAmIHereIJustReadAIwaoiFanficAndCriedButSomehowIWannaCryAgain
Tendou_Satori Tendou_Satori Sep 10, 2016
Bish if u break up with me ima go to ur house and sufficate chu with muffins! *^*> \"""/
gobletofandoms gobletofandoms Aug 01, 2016
Sorry for being the grammar police but it would be hurt not hurted. No offence i just cringe a bit with these things