Falling for the Bad Boy (currently being edited)

Falling for the Bad Boy (currently being edited)

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-"You know you look extremely hot tonight, maybe we should take this party upstairs." He said digging his hands deeper in my hips, pulling closer to his so i could feel his little buddy.

 "Or you could just let me go and found some of your sluts to satisfy your needs." I said trying to break free but that only made him pull me closer. 

 "What a slut can do to me, when I have your slutty ass here?" he said leaning closer and I was shocked by what he said.

 Of course I didn't care about what he just said, but Nate, even he was a pain in my ass, he would never call me like that. The only abuse I got from him it sure didn't include words like that. And that was when I understand they he was way off, and someone had to pulled him together.

 So I slapped him.

 Right in the face.-                                  

Meet Erica Collins. A normal girl who doesn't like being the center of attention. She has lovely friends but she has a dirty secret.                           

Meet Nate Stone. Schools Bad boy. Player. But also great student and all girls dream boy.  

 The two of them had some things in common: 

1. Their moms are best friends since high school.  

 2. They hate each others guts.

This is my first story ever.  


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Assassin_of_Shadows Assassin_of_Shadows Nov 19, 2016
I can't stop or break free of its cold embrace. And I have lost some of my closest friends because of it
SpringBlooming SpringBlooming Apr 01, 2016
Is it wierd that when i cry, i smile for some reason. I dont mean to, I just do??
Warrior_Panda123 Warrior_Panda123 Jan 05, 2016
Last seen in a little black
                              Watch out for those eyes
                              Cuz she's armed and 
                              like bow, hit you with that
                                       One shot
LoserAngie LoserAngie Dec 22, 2015
So true, but thankfully I've been clean for about a year its been hard though .... hoping i dont start again
KennediGlaze KennediGlaze Sep 29, 2015
I stopped for a while then started again and then I completely stopped 2 months ago
e11703 e11703 Sep 03, 2015
;°; I finally found a story with my name, well mine is with a k but its close enough ^°^