What, Mate? (used to be My Jealous, Sexy Mate)

What, Mate? (used to be My Jealous, Sexy Mate)

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Michelle Perez By special_wolf Updated Sep 29, 2016

Lexi Heyliger doesn't want a mate or anything that links her to a place. She wants to explore the world first. 

What happens when her mate is her best guy friend the one she's had a crush since forever, and he gets all possessive and jealous on her.

What happens when a new guy comes to town and shows interest in her?

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  • complicated
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fs6969 fs6969 Mar 02, 2016
ppl r always like Damon is so hot and sexy. but honestly in my pov Stefan is honestly hotter than Damon and Stefan doesn't get enough credit tbh
fwolf9 fwolf9 Aug 01, 2016
By special_wolf I didn't get chapter 15 instead I got Author note ☹️☹️🙁
betterbeliebb betterbeliebb Jun 19, 2016
Reality we will all wake up late with creased clothes cuz we couldn't fûcking be bothered to iron it last night
VictoriaSanchez1 VictoriaSanchez1 Jul 31, 2014
That's the attitude I'm looking for ! Everyone else is like don't correct me
I love Damon he’s so hot and sexy and has this bad boy vibe to him and just draws u in like he’s compelling you but he’s not
if i could have Damon's personality with Stefan's looks i would be happy, but that can't happen because then the whole world would die from that pure hotness