And, then, I said," You're HOT."(manxboy)**coming soon**

And, then, I said," You're HOT."(manxboy)**coming soon**

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VKs138 By iwanttokill138 Updated Jul 21, 2013

{Book 2}

I heard a husky voice,“ You'll turn around and hand over all your things. You make a move. I'll kill you. Got it?” 

I nodded, not having any choice. 

He removed his hand from my mouth. I turned around and looked at his face in the dim alleyway light. 

I gaped at his handsome face. He was like a sexy angel, without wings. 

He groaned at my still form and held out his hand so that I could place my things in his hand. 

And, then, I said,“ You're HOT.” 


This a story about an innocent high school nerd who falls for his mugger. 


This idea is mine. I'll start on this book only after finishing the first book. 

I know the description sucks. But, please give it a try. 

Hopefully, you guys will love it. 

Vote, comment and fan/follow. 


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